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The Posts page displays the posts made in the last seven days in the courses and organizations you teach or are enrolled in. The following list includes examples of posts appearing on this page:

  • A new blog entry made by one of your students.
  • A new discussion board post.
  • Contribution to a wiki in one of your courses.

You can access the posts page through the global navigation menu by selecting the squiggly line icon, Posts icon.

  • New posts/entries appear with a preview of the content, location, and author.
  • Choose a post to expand the content in the right panel.
  • Filter Posts:
    • All, displays all posts within your courses or organizations
    • @me, displays all of your posts only. Only appears if you have posted in one of your courses or organizations
    • Custom, allows you to customize, so you can choose to only view the posts in the courses or organizations that you have participated in. Only appears if posts exist in your courses or organizations.

My Blackboard Posts Panel

What you can do from the Posts page?

  • Discussion Board posts, you can either choose Reply or Quote to continue the conversation.
  • Wikis and Blogs, you can provide and view comments, but as an instructor you can disallow commenting for a wiki.
  • Journals, only you the instructor can comment on a journal entry.

How Long do Posts Last?

Posts remain in My Blackboard for seven days.

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