Aug 122014

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You can use the Access Log to view student test attempts. The log provides a list of times showing various student interactions with the test. This log will give you more information to help determine whether a student started a test or ran into problems with the test attempt. Note: access logs are not currently available for mobile compatible tests that are submitted through the mobile learn app.

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Grade Center
  • Select Full Grade Center
  • Navigate to the grade column for the test
  • Hover your cursor over the desired cell
  • From the cell, select the Down arrow to open the menu
  • Select the Attempt (date of attempt) from the menu
  • On the Grade Test page, select >> Test Information to expand the options panel
  • Select Access Log
    • Important Note: a log is only generated if a grade or Needs Grading icon is present in the cell. If you submit a test on behalf of a student, an access log is not generated unless the student has clicked Save All Answers.
    • Tests Access Log button

What does the log display and how do I interpret it?

  • The Access Log displays an informative list which outlines interactions a student had with the test for that attempt. The log contains the start time for a test, when each question was saved, and when it was submitted. 
  • Blackboard, Inc. suggests that, “An unusual gap in activity might be interpreted as a connectivity problem if the student claims to have had one. However, the system cannot determine what caused the time gap—it can only show that it occurred.”
  • Blackboard, Inc. also suggests to, “Be aware that the time spent on a question may include time that the student spent looking at other questions before saving that answer.”
  • Access Log