Sep 242014

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You can create a folder structure to organize materials within the Content Collection with your course. Once the structure is create you can then add files and link to them from tools within your course.

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Content Collection and then select the Course Name to enter the files area
    • Or select the Arrow next to Content Collection to enter quickly

Create a Folder

  • Select Create Folder
  • A new menu appears directly below
  • Enter a name in the Folder Name field
  • Select Submit

Edit a Folder

  • Select the Down arrow next to the Learning Module title you want to edit
  • Select Edit Settings
  • Folder Information
    • Make changes to Folder Name field
  • Quota Information
    • Leave default settings
  • Alignments Options
    • Leave default setting – currently this tool is not used by the institution
  • Metadata Options
    • You can leave the default setting or selecting one of the other options

Delete a Folder

This action is irreversible.

  • Select the Down arrow next to the Folder Name you want to delete
  • Select Delete
  • A confirmation pop-up message appears, to continue deletion select OK, to end deletion select Cancel
  • A green confirmation bar appears: “Success: name of folder Deleted.
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