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If you link to a HTML object that is in your course you do not need to set permissions since students get basic Read permissions when files are added to the course. If you link to a HTML object from another course such as a repository course you need to set permissions in order for students to access files.

Setting your permissions to All Roles allows all users with accounts on the system access to a particular file, HTML object, or folder (particularly the students enrolled in your course). Therefore, you want to be mindful of the type of files and their contents that you add and link to. Although students will access the links through the course, if you have the links open in a new window students can copy the link and share it. But only students who have active Blackboard accounts and are logged into the HVCC Blackboard system could view it. So, the files are more protected than files on your HVCC web space that you can link to.

Adding Student Read Permissions

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Content Collection and then select the Course Name to enter the files area
    • Or select the Arrow next to Content Collection to enter quickly
  • Select the Permissions icon for the file or folder
  • Permissions icon and location
  • Choose Select Roles
  • Select All Roles from the menu
  • Select Roles and Choose All Roles
  • Set Permissions
    • Confirm Read is selected. If not selected, choose it. Do not select any other options.
    • Settings All Roles permisisons
  • Select Submit
  • Repeat steps for each file you want students to access when you link to it

Important Note: If you have multiple files within a folder you can add the All Roles permission to the folder and all files within the folder will be available to All Roles (users).


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