Sep 292014

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You may want to copy a file from one course to another. This feature will keep a copy of the file/folder and place a copy of the file/folder in the new location.

Copy Files and/or Folders (Single or Multiple)

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Content Collection and then select the Course Name to enter the files area
    • Or select the Arrow next to Content Collection to enter quickly
  • Select the the check box(es) next to the File(s) and/or Folder(s) you want to copy
  • Select the Copy button
  • The Copy Courses page displays
  • Content Information
    • Displays the file/folder name(s) and information on the content
  • Destination
    • Select the Browse button to locate and select the destination to copy to
      • From the Browse Content Collection window navigate and select the location to copy to
      • To copy within the same course:
        • Select a Folder from the list by choosing the radio button
        • Or, select the Check Mark next to the Location name, the check mark will turn to green when selected
          • Location Check Mark
        • Select Submit
      • To navigate to another course:
        • Select Browse (upper left)
        • Select Course Content from the menu
        • Browse and Select Course Content
        • Select a Course from the list by choosing the radio button
        • Select Submit
    • To overwrite a file/folder, select the check box for: “If selected, the system automatically overwrites the existing file with the same name.
  • Select Submit
  • A green confirmation bar appears: “Success: … copied.
  • Once you select submit you will return to the Content Collection page
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