Sep 292014

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You may have a need to save content from the Content Collection. To do this you can selected the content and download it as a zipped package file that you can then use to upload into another area of the content collection such as a different course.

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Content Collection and then select the Course Name to enter the files area
    • Or select the Arrow next to Content Collection to enter quickly
  • Select the Check Box(es) next to the content items you want to export
  • Select Download Package
  • When prompted by a pop-up window, select Save File and select OK
  • Navigate and select a location on your computer to save the test export file to, such as your Desktop or H:/ drive.
    Note: in some cases your file may save without prompting you to choose a location, in this case the file was saved to a folder called Downloads automatically.
  • Select Save
  • The downloaded content package is saved in .zip format. Do not alter the .zip file or it will not properly upload into Blackboard.


Go to Add Files and Packages for more information on how to add/upload a saved .zip file to the content collection.

 September 29, 2014  Posted by at 2:54 pm Content Collection, Content Management