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There is a printing glitch that is a known issue in the new version of Blackboard (Bb 9.1 April 2014). No matter what browser you use, when you click print, only one sheet prints (the visible part of the content on the page). Your students will not be able to print more than one page of text that you have posted in Blackboard. While web pages are designed to be viewed and not printed, there are times that students want a hard copy to read. Examples may be, for instance, a syllabus or class outline. In this case, you will want to attach them as a file which can be printed.

A workaround for this printing issue is to copy your content and paste it into a word processing program such as, Microsoft Word, convert it to a .pdf file format and post it in Blackboard. This gives students a webpage view and also the option to print content if they need to.

Here’s how it works.

1.  Navigate to the item in the course that you want to make printable. Click the drop down arrow next to the content item and chooseEdit.


2.   Press Ctrl+A on a PC (Command+A on a Mac) to select all the content. Press Ctrl+C (Command+C) to copy all the content.

3. Open a blank word processing document and paste the content. Press Ctrl+V on a PC (Command+V on a Mac) or click the Paste button in the word processing program.

4. Now save the word processing document. Also save it as a .pdf to post in your content area. To Save As PDF, choose PDF in the Save as Type drop down list. A PDF is a portable document format that can be read on all computers that have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed (the Reader is a free program). If the option to save as a PDF is not available in your word processing program then choose to save the file in Rich Text Format (RTF). You can choose RTF from the Save as Type drop down list. RTF is a universal format that can be opened by any word processing program (such as WordPad or TextEdit).

Save As dialog box

5.  Go back and edit the item in Blackboard and browse your computer and select the attachment.

6. To learn more about how to create or edit an item see Bb Instructor – Create/Edit/Delete Item.

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